Organization Overview

Farm Forestry Smallholder Producers Association of Kenya (FF SPAK), is an umbrella organization based in Nairobi and working with farmer groups in Kenya to promote and champion the interests of farm forestry smallholders. It was registered in 2013 with an office in Nairobi and Nakuru and working with smallholder farm forestry farmers across the country.

Some of our affiliate association members and their respective regions are;

  • Western Tree Planters Association (WETPA) – Western- Based in Webuye
  • Meru Farm Forestry Producers Association (MEFFPA) – Upper Eastern- Based in Meru
  • Kisii Tree Planters Association (KTPA) – Nyanza- Based in Kisii
  • South Coast Forest Owners Association ((SCOFOA) – Coast –Based in South Coast
  • Central Highlands Tree Growers Association (CHTGA) – Central – Based in Thika
  • Community Food and Environment Group (COFEG) – Rift valley- Based in Molo
  • Nakuru Smallholder Timber Association (NASTA) – Rift valley- Based in Nakuru
  • North Coast Farm Forestry Association (NCFFA) – Coast- Based in North Coast
  • Tea Growers Association of Nyandarua (TGAN) -Central Kenya

Our mission

-“To strengthen the capacity of member organizations to enable farm forestry producers improve their livelihoods”.

Our Vision

“An outstanding farm forestry umbrella organization providing quality services to smallholder producer organizations in Kenya”

Become a Member

Any registered Association/Cooperative whose activities are related to farm forestry is eligible for membership of the society and subject to the approval of the Committee.

The association/cooperative makes an application to become a member and if approved pays of a registration and annual subscription fee as approved by the constitution. Contact us for more information.

Word From The Chairman

As a membership organization of smallholder farm forestry operators, we are acutely aware of the challenges faced by producers including inadequate technical knowledge and capacity, exploitation at markets and other vulnerabilities due to poor organization and limited awareness among producers.

We are also aware of the opportunities that abound for farm forestry to improve livelihoods of families and communities and to take care of our environment. For this reason, our mission “to strengthen the capacity of member organizations to enable farm forestry producers improve their livelihoods” is designed to reach all potential members so that together we can change the farm forestry landscape in our country.

In this regard, I thank all the people and organizations that have walked with us in this journey to bring change and welcome those who are yet to join us so that we can journey together.